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OMG!Harry Potter RP


It all started at the beginning of Harry Potter's fifth year. Voldemort, desperate to destroy The Boy Who Lived, came up with a plot to clone Albus Dumbledore and send the clone into Hogwarts to do the deed for him. The Dark Lord's plans went awry, however, as his experiments cloned...everyone.

Flash-forward to the beginning of the next school year. Lucius Malfoy has taken control of the school with an iron fist and cane, even as both the Ministry and the Order are working to stop the Death Eaters before they strike again. There are clones--and flamingos--everywhere. For the students and staff of Hogwarts, these are very, very strange times to be living through.

And they're only going to get stranger.

OMG!Harry Potter is an alternate universe crack!RP on GreatestJournal set at the start of Harry's sixth year. Always secretly wanted to play Harry as a goth, or explore Hagrid's poetic side? Looking for an active RP full of friendly people that won't die on you in a month? Find the idea of watching Draco Malfoy go through coffee withdrawal amusing? If so, come check us out! We're currently in the process of setting up a number of plots for the new school term, so now's a great time to get involved.

Right now, we're particularly looking for adults of both genders, male students, and clones we don't already have. McGonagall, Hagrid, Crabbe and/or Goyle, and Weasleys are especially welcome. However, only those characters with both IC and OOC versions or labeled as mod-controlled in the FAQ are completely off limits, so if you've got a great character idea, come and apply!

Need a guided tour of the madhouse? Check out our handy timeline, as well as the scribblings of our resident pest journalist, Rita Skeeter.

This RP is "PG-16." We allow minors to join, so all posts need to be suitable for people under 18. We welcome both het and slash, as long as the posts are not sexually explicit. Should members wish to RP something more adult, we ask that you take it to IM or make the thread a protected entry.

Got a question not covered here or in the FAQs? Contact our moderators, jr_deatheater and soveryclever.
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