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OMG!Harry Potter RP 
04:05pm 09/09/2006

When Lucius Malfoy was appointed Headmaster in the wake of Dumbledore's mysterious absence, the students felt sure the latter would return to retake his rightful place. When Diagon Alley was attacked, the public speculated he might finally decide the time was right to claim the Minister of Magic's post. And when the Weasleys' home was burned to the ground, the Order waited for him to arrive with words of comfort and inspiration.

They're still waiting. And getting a little bit anxious. But then again, this is Dumbledore. He knows what he's doing.

Doesn't he?Collapse )
OMG!Harry Potter RP 
04:39pm 03/09/2006


It all started at the beginning of Harry Potter's fifth year. Voldemort, desperate to destroy The Boy Who Lived, came up with a plot to clone Albus Dumbledore and send the clone into Hogwarts to do the deed for him. The Dark Lord's plans went awry, however, as his experiments cloned...everyone.

Flash-forward to the beginning of the next school year. Lucius Malfoy has taken control of the school with an iron fist and cane, even as both the Ministry and the Order are working to stop the Death Eaters before they strike again. There are clones--and flamingos--everywhere. For the students and staff of Hogwarts, these are very, very strange times to be living through.

And they're only going to get stranger.

This is where you come in.Collapse )
05:33pm 22/12/2005

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09:17pm 13/09/2004
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Name: Hoggy_Hogwarts
Genre: Harry Potter/Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 (R has to be under cut)
Format: Livejournal and MSN
Community Link: Hoogy Hogwarts RPG and our Character List
Website Link: OOC: Hoggy Hogwarts RPG
Contact: Rachel The Mod
Age/Audition Requirements: The age limit is 14, no one under please. The application can be found on our user info page.
Further Info: We have just started up, and we have many people open! Please apply, we’d love to hear from you!

Name: The Forbidden Ones
Genre: Harry Potter/Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 (R has to be under cut)
Format: Livejournal and MSN
Community Link: The Forbidden Ones and The Character List
Website Link: OOC: The Forbidden Ones
Contact: Please contact Rachel if you would like to send in a application, if you have any comments or questions, please contract Desi

Age/Audition Requirements: You must apply to RolePlay in this community. Please check out our rules before applying. I hope you all have a good day!
Futher Info: We’d love for everyone to apply! We’re very open minded of character sub-plots and we’re always good for a twist! Please check us out and apply!
06:22pm 30/09/2003
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When is the 3rd HP movie supposed to come out?

Oh and it says at imdb.com that the kids were indeed cast for the forth movie as well. ^-^;;
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